Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Words can hardly express...

In my writing class tonight, our teacher shared with us a book to think about on our way home, as is custom in our class.  She has been talking a lot about finding your "feeling place," as an author, and bringing your audience right there with you.  This book nailed it.

"Old Pig" by Margaret Wild and Illustrated by Ron Brooks

The entire story is about...should I even say it?  Life and death.  Without even mentioning the d-word, the story spoke so loudly and vividly- I did everything in my power to keep from crying and the tears still came.  I don't think a story book has ever had that kind of impact on me before.  And I know for sure I am not alone in that assessment, because when my teacher was done reading the story, the room was so quiet you could have heard an ant fart.  I wanted to curl up in a ball and sob in my husband's arms.

So, that said, I think you should read it.  If you want to be a good author, learning how to speak without actually saying is something we all need to learn to do.  The illustrations at first seemed a bit simple, because I was expecting some sort of zany story about an old pig, (but it was far from that), and the images fit the hopeful and full-of-life mood quite perfectly.

Just be sure to have your snot rag ready.

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