Wednesday, March 3, 2010

SCBWI Surfin'

Just checking out a few artists via the Illustrator's Gallery on, (backwards alphabetically), and found a few cool sites and art I'd like to share with you:  << go ahead, pick her nose!  << love it << for my Hawaii cravings  << just something about it...  << aWesomE plus cuteness in one!  << wicked colorful and rich  << cool with a touch of creepy (no offense! haha!)  << whimsical  << just overall good art  << reminds me of Steven Kellogg... a classic!  << touch of India  << lots of character!!

There weren't any artists under the "X" heading.  Someone should change their name just so they would have their own page!

Done surfing, now it's time to go dry off!  Later!

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