Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I'm No Gamer, But...

So the big news today is that Final Fantasy XIII (that's 13, you know) has officially been released.  Normally I wouldn't really care about this kind of thing, however a certain *someone* in my household was very excited, because it has taken them ages (like 4 years or so) to finally finish the darn thing.

Why do I care now?  Well, if you are as lucky as I am to have the occasional gamer in the house, you will have the chance to see some really great art, and awesome fantasy storytelling, without having to play the thing yourself.  The little movies they play in between the game time are exceptional- I am known to linger around the television and get my projects done in the living room to increase my chances of seeing them.  I cannot begin to imagine the time the artists spent on rendering realistic textures: from hair, to pores of the skin, to leather and metallic surfaces.  It's hard enough to do this sort of thing in pencil...but they do it all on screen.

I have a great deal of respect for the teams who put together a project of this monstrous size, and for those with such amazing imaginations to come up with a new story line, year after year.

So don't be knocking the gamers- they are, essentially, reading watching and experiencing an interactive story, which also happens to have cool sound effects and musical numbers worthy of professional orchestras (which they are, no kidding).  Game on, my friends!

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