Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Little Raindrop: FAN MAIL!!! oh, and #ValentinesDay

Hi there!

I'm very overdue for this post, but here it goes:
A few months ago, around the holidays, I opened my mailbox to find this:

Oh! A surprise!

Inside were twenty hand written and hand drawn giant postcards from the kids in Mr. H's third grade class! (Mr. H is the author and creator of Little Raindrop, and teacher to an awesome group of kids.)

I was in SHOCK. (Actually, I nearly burst into tears. But my husband was right next to me and I would never hear the end of it if he caught me crying over mail.)

Mr. H had asked all the kids to check out my sketches of Little Raindrop and decide which style they liked best, and then to write me all about it. They even drew their own versions of Little Raindrop!

They love me! Awwww! *tears*

Awesome character art!

Little Raindrop, you look ravishing!

Loving the colors!

Is he wearing his UNDERPANTS in the city?!?!

LOVE the teenie mousie! So cute!

Favorite habitats, and excellent handling of the medium!

His caption cracks me up! I love drawing things like this myself!

Who do you think will win?

I love maps!!!


Keeping it simple... it reminds me of "Starry Night"! Nice intense colors!

I like to call this "Dog Holding a Person Balloon." It make me think- awesome!

A two part piece... and the image is sideways. Silly technology.

Abstract art can be so soothing to create... and look at!

I am baffled as to why I can't rotate these.

So pretty!

Notice the protective barrier, keeping the raindrops safe!

Zoomed-in. These are great!

The left side reminds me of a Monet, and the right is full of emotion!
This kid draws with their soul!

Feeling warm, Little Raindrop?

"I'm so hot I'm COOL."

The Evil Cloud Hotel.

There's Little Raindrop!

You can't have a habitat without a front door! Awesome eagle!

How amazing is that? I responded with my own letter, answering their many questions, and I included a calendar of my art for the kids to hang in the classroom. But that wasn't enough! Little Raindrop made the kids some Valentines! I gave him some post cards to decorate with stickers, and he made a giant Valentine for the whole class:

The bunny sticker is just so cute!

I sent them (and a bag of Sweet Tarts Hearts) to Mr. H last week, and he will be giving them to the kids tomorrow! I can't wait to hear all about it! This is one of the best parts about working on stuff for kids- you get to interact with them! (Can you tell I'm not yet a mom? I'll be 30 this year- I've still got time.)

I hope you all have an enjoyable Valentine's Day! And don't be pouting because you're single... romance shmomance. It's about giving love to others and showing that you care!

I love you all, my readers... my kid fans... my friends... and my family! Happy Valentine's Day!