Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Little Raindrop: Character Art

Hi there!

Today I focused on narrowing down Little Raindrop's character design. The author and I are deciding whether to use the big round eyes or the little oval pupil thingies for the final character. This was a good exercise for me anyhow, because it gave me the opportunity to explore LR's emotions, and I also found a great little animation blog that features some excellent character art.

So these were my original LR sketches:

And these are what I came up with today:

I'm sure you'll notice it took me a bit of time to loosen up, but I finally did and then that's when LR started to have a mind of his own! I'm also working on a few more characters that LR interacts with, but those aren't nearly as developed, simple as these characters are.

And I don't know if I'm just slow, or if this is normal, but those sheets of characters took me 3 hours! However, those hours are worth it for a solid character foundation. :)

Off to sketch some more! Ttfn!


  1. These are amazing, Melanie! I'm so impressed at the range of emotion you can express in one little raindrop. He's so cute! I wish I could draw! :)

  2. PS I like the little black eyes better...I think will show better on a blue/clear drop than whitish eyes. And for some reason they keep him cute and drop-like, less human. Not sure if that makes sense lol.....love it all of course!