Monday, February 13, 2012

From Start to Finish: House Portrait Commission

Happy Monday!

Two days ago I was approached by a customer (of the family restaurant) who was interested in hiring me to draw a house portrait. "Can you have it done by this Wednesday?" he asked, "It's for a housewarming gift!"

In the words of Dan Yaccarino, who spoke at the Illustrator's Intensive on Friday of the NY SCBWI conference, I answered: "Yes!"

So Monday, being my only day off from the "day" job, I spent it in my pj's in my studio and whipped this up with pencil, Microns, and an ink wash:

This is a scan, that's why it looks so purdy!

Test run for my value wash done on Photoshop.

The final scan:

It isn't perfect. But I'm happy with the results, being that I don't usually draw such technical pieces, and that I only had about 8 hours to work on it. I hope the new home owners like it!

'Til the next post...

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