Thursday, May 24, 2012

Kid Art: Mr. H's Profile Picture!

A (few) day(s) late, and probably a dollar short! I can't seem to keep up on my blogging these past few weeks! But here it is!

This week I'm sharing the art made a group of super neat kids we call The Pro's, the third grade students of Mr. H! Mr. H needed a picture of himself to use for his profile on Little Raindrop's blog, so he asked the kids to draw him instead! And every one of them turned out GREAT!

It goes to show a picture is worth a thousand words- I learned a LOT about my author friend by looking at these drawings! Who knew he had an army of turtles, loves trees, and is the King of his rain cloud? (Of course I already knew he was half ninja, half awesome teacher!)

Can you believe these were drawn by third grade students?!?! Amazing work! :D Because we have so many pictures, they all will be taking turns being Mr. H's profile picture on Little Raindrop's blog! So come take a look to see who is being featured today!

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