Saturday, May 19, 2012

Field Trip: Art in New York City!

As you may know, there are a gazillion things one can do in NYC that are either book, art, or children's book related. We did none of those things on our latest two-day getaway. (Where I was during my usual blogging days.) We did a horrific amount of eating, however!

Yet I still found books, at the Museum of Natural History,

                                                 and art in the card shop there,

and the illustration of the talented children's book illustrator, Sophie Blackall, on the walls of the subway cars! That was quite the treat, because I remember learning from the SCBWI conference in January that she had mentioned it during her presentation. And I got to see it up close!

And you can even buy a poster online! 
To learn more about the MTA Arts for Transit program, click here.

It goes to show, no matter where you go, art is there for you if you open your eyes to it!

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