Sunday, June 26, 2011

I Swear I'm Not a Cake Lady...

This weekend was also quite cake-crazy. We've got a few more lined up for the summer, but I feel like I can breathe a bit more now! And draw again!!!

This cake was extra stuff from all our recent orders! 
Hubby and I gave it to our helpful Physical Therapists 
(at First Physical Therapy- their logo is a wave) 
who are fixing our hurting shoulders and backs. 
I played around with the colors a bit!

Teal is my favorite!

 This cake is for our nephew who is turning five years old. 
He requested a chocolate cake with pirate TOYS on it, haha! 
So I made an island for them to search for buried treasure. 
I actually put a red "X" next to the dude with the shovel, but forgot to take the photo of it!

 These two sheet cakes are meant to be one cake.
We did it this way because no one owns a refrigerator 
big enough to hold the full sized sheet cake!
The left side is vanilla and the right side is chocolate!
Congratulations on your retirement, Bob "Newport" !

He likes to boat, fish, and watch the dolphins swim alongside him!

And I've got another Potential Client! We are working on sketches for the characters in his self-published book. I'll keep you updated! :D

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