Wednesday, July 6, 2011

50th Anniversary Cake...and some GOOD NEWS!

Hi there!

Hope your summer is going well so far! Mine certainly is... and I've got some good news I'll share with you after I post photos of the latest cake. Here they are:

And my Good News? It looks like I may have a new client! Things are not yet set in stone, however it looks promising! All I can tell you right now is that I would be illustrating a self-published early chapter book that is not only a science theme but will also be a comic/graphic novel! I will keep you updated on the status, and if the Author wishes to share sketches and things, hopefully those will be up soon too! :D (So I have been drawing lately, I just haven't been able to post the art until it's the right time.)

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  1. Holy cow! That's one gorgeous cake! I love all your cakes, wish I could have hired you when I got married!