Sunday, June 19, 2011

Cake-crazy Weekend!

This weekend Hubby and I had quite a few cake orders to fill. We usually only need to make one cake, once a month or less. This weekend we had five, (*Correction: Technically, we created Seven cakes, because the tiny baby graduation cake counts as a cake, and the wedding cake was made of two cakes... Hubby insisted that it was seven) and thankfully only three (or now, five) of them needed to be decorated. The other two are what we call "cake fodder," because it was just a slice-and-eat sort of deal, no decorations.

Anniversary Cake

And a Wedding Cake....

And a Batman Graduation Cake...

...and Batman's sidekick, the strawberry-free version. 
(This one is just a baby, so I really didn't count it as a real cake.)

Phew! Looking at those makes me tired all over again! But we have more orders over the next few weeks so I'd better not put those piping tips away just yet!

Happy Summer Everyone! :)