Saturday, January 15, 2011

Drawing Children

This week I started the six-week Drawing Children class!

The class focuses on drawing from a live model each night, and working on proportions and some good 'ol homework for more practice. Which is great, because I'm quite terrible at drawing the little ones. They tend to look robotic and generally weird if I don't have a reference photo in front of me.

We did a lot of guesture drawings and sketches the first night. This one was a wiggler, so it was hard to get her poses down fast enough. But it was good practice! Here's what I did:

ps. ALL images are copyright Melanie Linden Chan! but you knew that already...

As you can see from the last image, our homework is to sketch out 12 baby heads, and also 6 whole babies. I'll post those when I'm finished with them as well.

I've also just realized my blog will be 1 year old (!) in four days. What should I do for my blogoversary?? How do you give your blog a present?

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