Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Doodle Fun: Pugging Around

With all the homework and housework and general stuff I've got to do this week, naturally I'm feeling a bit mischievous. So instead of doing said homework, housework and general stuff, I chose to sneak away and draw something I didn't have particular time for. Muah ha haa haaa!

But this little doodle might just give me a chance at illustrating a children's book- which therefore gives it the number one rank of importance in my book! Can I convince the author that this little pug is the one she wants in her book? We shall find out! (Did you notice three sentences in a row ended in book?? Weirddd...)

Some sketches, getting to know the puggy little thing:

ps. I figured out that my camera is doing this wacky turning my pics
thingie all on its own. Sorry Blogger, it totally isn't you!

Copyright Melanie Linden Chan 2011

Annnnnnd, the final image:

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