Monday, January 30, 2012

It's Nice To Be Home... from the NY SCBWI Conference!

Hello Friends!

I've just come home from my weekend away at my FIRST EVER New York SCBWI conference, and it was awesome! It all began on Friday with a nerve-wracking Portfolio Showcase submission (complete with Little Raindrop's super-short book dummy), an Illustrator's Intensive with some of my absolute favorite artists (John Rocco, Dan Santat, Dan Yaccarino and Sophie Blackall), wonderful workshops on Saturday with some excellent, and tear-jerking, keynote speakers... and ended Sunday (technically yesterday because it is now after midnight) with prize winners and more awesome presentations!

AND I got to go out for some authentic Japanese ramen! Mmmmmmm.

The icing on the cake was making some new friends, learning that about 300 professionals may have seen my portfolio, and getting my books signed by some super talented artists! I want to go hug them right now, because they are so special to me. (The books, not the people. Okay maybe the people too but that would be weird.)

I would LOVE to write more about it, but I have to go unpack and prepare for a long work day tomorrow. And today, which is actually Monday, will begin my fresh start at blogging once a week. So maybe I'll catch you later after a nice 8 hour nap!

Good Night!
~Mel :D