Friday, February 8, 2013

Playing Catch(up) with Snowstorm Nemo!

Hellllooo! It's been a while, hasn't it? :)

I love our tree in the front yard!
Well, as I live in New England, USA, we are sitting here in the middle of a lovely snow storm they named Nemo. It is downright nasty out there, and I'm hoping the power doesn't go out! But I'm not here to talk about the weather, I'm here to do some catching up! I have a post to write about my Christmas crafting, and one about a little doodle I drew, and another about another craft project... plus another (semi)secret craft project... I've been too busy doing lots of little things that add up to one huge chunk of time!

On top of that, I am working on 3 new smaller projects (one illustration, one logo, and one custom birthday invitation), plus Little Raindrop's story!

Speaking of Little Raindrop- he's been quite busy himself! Have you seen his blog posts yet? Here, take a peek: This little guy has been traveling all around the USA, and hopefully around the whole WORLD! He has been sharing his photos and stories on the blog for all to see! Very fun, and I can't wait to see where he goes next!

Alrighty, well, now that you know I'm still alive and all that, I'm going to write my overdue blog posts. See you soon, I hope! If not, that means the power is out, and Hubby is outside putting the generator together. That ought to be an adventure in itself!

Stay warm and safe!

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