Monday, February 11, 2013

Other Ways I Spend My Time: Pin Collection Display Case!


I did another craft! I've been into the messy gluey stuff lately. What I made is more of a functional item than anything. But I had this problem, you see. I collect Disney pins (yep, I'm one of those, sorry to say) and I was having a hard time figuring out how to display them. Thanks to Pinterest, I got some neat ideas, and this is what I did!

First, I found just the right shadow box at Michael's craft store. I inspected the shadow box to determine my measurements. I took out the back panel to see how much the spacer frame takes up. This spacer is what keeps the back of the box from touching the front glass, and is what gives a shadow box its depth.
The inner most frame is the removable spacer.

Then, I gathered together my materials...
Cork board, black felt, and fabric.

I cut a piece of cork board into a size that would fit when placed on top of the back panel, and that would still accommodate the spacer frame.

Using craft glue, I glued down a layer of felt onto the cork board, and then wrapped it with fabric. I chose a nice dark pattern that would make the pins and black frame pop out (more than a solid black would). I sandwiched it between cardboard and weighed it down with books, and let it dry overnight. Then I used my hot glue gun around the perimeter of the back of the cork board, and glued it down to the shadow box's original back panel.
Notice how I left room for the spacer frame?

Then I popped all the pin backs off my pins, arranged them the way I liked, and stuck them right into the cork board! Now all my pins are secure and in a dust free zone, and on display in our Disney themed spare bedroom/library!

And to Pay it Forward for the snazzy crafters on Pinterest, I put this together:
Disney pin collection and display!
Now it's your turn! Don't forget to share your masterpieces, either in the comments below or in Pinterest! (This is my pin pinboard:

Have fun!

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  1. what are the dimensions of the shadow box you used?