Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Artist Spotlight: Matt D'Amico!

Hello, Friends!

This past Saturday, I had the opportunity to attend an art show featuring my friend Matt D'Amico, and boy was it fun! I've known Matt for years, but I've never had the opportunity to see his work up close.   He is a musician, a sculptor and a painter, though he mostly works in mixed media. His work is very abstract but chock full of emotion, feeling, and mystery. It is colorful, textured, shapely, and yet undefined.

In essence, his stuff is really cool!

I asked Matt if he minded if I took some photos and blogged (or bragged) about him a little, and he was happy to oblige! So here it is...

Here's the handsome fella!
(Don't ask my why this picture is fuzzy... grrr...)

Great idea! I didn't win anything though. :(


Loooooooove this one!

Pretty! :D

Another dose of awesome!

This guy is SO cool!


I actually prefer this one turned onto it's side!

Creepy, but so cool.

This belongs in a Zen sort of garden with water running over  it into
the "pool" down below... lots of greenery... yes.

This also belongs in the Zen garden...

LOVE the pearly colors here!

Subtle, and nice!

Nice stuff, right? :D

So Matt is taking commissions for new work, if you're interested! This is his web site: http://www.mattdamico.theghostofotis.com/ and you can contact him via email: matthew_damico@yahoo.com. Or you can ask him if any of the above pieces are still available for sale. He sold quite a few already!

He'll even give you a discount if you donate art supplies! :D

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