Saturday, May 21, 2011

Library Run: Melissa Sweet

*For some weird reason this blog post got UN posted. So I am RE posting it here today. Strange.*

I've got a confession to make.

I'm a little sweet on children's book illustrator Melissa Sweet. (She probably gets that all the time- sorry, but it's true!)

My awe-crush started last fall, when someone brought to class "A River of Words: the Story of William Carlos Williams." The cover grabbed me immediately- a rainbow of ripped paper!!! Be still, my heart!

I seriously could not get enough looking time with the book, and had to get my own copy to get lost into. Which then also led me to purchasing "Carmine, A Little More Red," and then "Tupelo Rides the Rails." With each new book that arrived, I was captivated by her simple childlike renderings loaded with color, texture, typography and recycled book covers. I can practically smell the old faded library cards, graphite and lined paper- and when art makes me want to eat it (don't ask why I start wanting to chew art and touch the texture of butter cream... I have no logical answer to give to you), then I know it's good.

My three favoritist books right now. Yes I know favoritist isn't a word-
this is a blog for goodness sake! Let me have my cake!!

And on top of it all, I realized she and I must have one very important thing in common (and this is based on my very scientific deductive reasoning method- this has yet to be confirmed in real life): we are both pack rats! How else would she be able to use all these wonderful fabrics, textures, and re-used materials? She must have a pile of goodies collected from various treasure-hunting escapades, just waiting for their turn to be featured in her latest book! And I'm willing to bet she's got them organized by color, too. Ummm, hero!

So in my own personal quest to find my absolute favorite books, I ran to the library and found some more yummy things indeed:

Want to hear something cool? She's also my Facebook friend! She doesn't post very often though- I am thinking she is spending her time wisely doing things like painting and drawing, (yes, yes, unlike myself lately... shush!). But I hope to meet her one day, perhaps at a conference or a book signing! Wouldn't that be just dandy?

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