Saturday, May 28, 2011

Doodle Time: sketches... and a new GAME!

Here's a cute little sketch I'd like to color in eventually:

And here's another one I also plan to finish:

But the SUPER cool thing about the last sketch are the words written at the top of the page: "prancing," "dinosaur," and "strawberry." I was at work and needed to draw a bit, but I couldn't come up with any ideas. I know, that's what Illustration Friday is for! But I had already been working on it at home, and left it there, and I really just wanted to do something new. So I came up with a new little game for myself.

I'm calling it ArtLibs, (although once I Googled it I realized that is the name of some one's blog, but oh well!) And the way to play is through texting, Facebook, and Twitter. I ask different people each a question, and then I use their answers to make a picture... regardless if it makes sense or not. These are my questions:

1. Name a noun, a non-living thing
2. Name a living thing, like an animal of some sort (but plants are fine too!)
3. Name a verb, an action word, (or sometimes an adjective will do)
4. Name a setting, place or time (haven't used this one yet)

And I'm even incorporating Illustration Friday topics when they come around! This game is neat because I don't have to think about the what, just the how, in making a picture. It gives me a challenge and I focus more on problem solving, which is good because in the Real World an illustrator is hired to do that very thing.

So I've got my next two "games" ready to be drawn: (1) soaked, elephant and cardinal; and (2) Asleep, virus and/or Asian Lily, and cake!

I guess we'll see what I come up with! Give it a try yourself, and let us all know how it goes. Link to your blog in the comments box so we can see what you did! 

Happy ArtLibbing! :D

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