Friday, October 22, 2010

Working from Nature

For the last section in the Introduction to Illustration course, we studied Natural Science Illustration and worked on rendering things from nature with our pencils and inks. 
Acorn Squash and Gerbera Daisies
Pencil and Micron Pen on Bristol Board

The best part about this was that we all got to visit RISD's Nature Lab, which was wonderful. I'm going to have to find a good excuse to sneak away there for a couple of hours, because they have so many animals and things in their storage, and I only had time to draw ONE owl... and they have three! He still needs some work, but isn't he so fluffy and cute? :)
Great Horned Owl (fairly certain it is, anyway)
2H Pencil on Strathmore Drawing Paper
(Thanks, Jess, for the pencil!)

I will keep both of these images in my online portfolio, probably in the Sketchbook and Fine Art sections. 

Even though I've had experience in all three sections, (Children's Book Illustration, Comics, and Natural Science Illustration), taking this Intro course was helpful because it confirmed my suspicions: that I love to draw pretty much anything. I got a few more pieces to put in my portfolio, got a better idea how I want to do Bungee Bunny's book when the time comes, and got really vamped up about drawing more from life.

In all, I got quite a bit out of this course, which goes to show that one learns something new every day. Or re-learns. Hoot to that!

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