Sunday, October 17, 2010

Field Trip: The Rhode Island Festival of Children's Books and Authors

It's been a crazy week (I'll spare you the heartache and leave it up to your imagination), so I welcomed the thought of finally getting to the Lincoln school in Providence to attend The Rhode Island Festival of Children's Books and Authors. I had missed it last year and made "To Lincoln or Bust" my mantra for 2010.

Well, I made it! and It. Was. Awesome.

I only wish I knew how to be in two places at once, because while one presentation was going on, another room was filling up with people in line to get their books signed by favorite authors and artists. I hate picking and choosing, because one never knows what one might have learnt, but I did my best.

The Beautiful Lincoln School, Providence, RI

Front display greets guests

Kazu Kibuishi

Jules Feiffer

I almost walked straight into Rotten Ralph in the hall!

Tacky the Penguin

Mark Teague

Helen Lester

Chris Van Allsburg
David Macaulay

Hilarious Mo Willems (posing for our cameras)

THE famous Knuffle Bunny, who has been around the world!
Yes, I'm supposed to be in the photo, but I miraculously
disappeared when I cropped me out in Photoshop...
 I regret missing a few presentations, (including Chris Van Allsburg's because I had to leave early for work) but it really was a great time! I think I will make it my goal to go every year from now on. And what was the very BEST part of my day?

Coming home with this:



Yep, worth every minute. :)

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