Friday, May 28, 2010

Everyone Can Do Their Part

Art by Olivia Bouler, 2010

About a week ago, a friend of mine brought to my attention a very special person. She is only one person, (a young one at that- she's only 11), and she isn't rich, or famous, or anything other than an American Girl who wants to make a difference.  She has a talent, and a passion, and she's doing everything she can to help save the wildlife from the recent oil spill.

Her name is Olivia Bouler, she has raised thousands of dollars by sending her art all over the country in exchange for donations to organizations like the National Audubon Society, and you can read her story here, here, or here.  You can even keep track of her art through her Facebook page.

A talent and a passion. That's all anyone needs to make a difference!

Now it's time for YOU to think about what you can do. Can you wash cars, run a bake sale, read to kids about the environment?  It doesn't take much- just a little time and effort and a whole lot of heart!  I've put up a collection box at my work for donations, and I've donated in honor of Olivia (I'm hoping she'll have time to send me a picture, too!). I wonder what else I can do to help?

Here's a list of organizations that are doing what they can to help clean up (and prevent more of) the mess:
National Audubon Society
Sierra Club
National Wildlife Federation
Weeks Bay Foundation
Mobile Bay Estuary
National Resources Defense Council
World Wildlife Fund

It's time everyone does their part!

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