Friday, February 26, 2010

A Gem in Disguise

Well, here it is, I must confess...

I judged a book by its cover.  *cringe*

"gASp!" you say, "By George, how COULD you??!!??"

"But I couldn't help myself!" I protest, "It had Trina's work on the front, and I HAD to have it!"

So I got it.  Don't worry, I'm being good and buying used and unwanted books, so I'm not harming any trees.  But the is quite the gem!  Here it is:

"Celebrate Cricket: 30 Years of Stories and Art"

I should have known that a book with such a beautiful cover should also be filled with other beautiful things, but I was only focused on having that image in my possession.  So when it came in the mail yesterday and I cracked that baby open-


Some of you may know that one way to get things rolling in an illustration career, specifically a children's book illustration career, is to take a stab at submitting to Cricket magazine and its subsidaries.  (I am in the workings of doing just that.)  I got on eBay a lovely stack of old issues of Cricket, Ladybug, and Babybug, and I was shocked to realize that many well-known artists had their beginnings with Cricket.  I shouldn't have been, but I'm new to the scene, so this was indeed a learning experience!

So, when I opened my new book yesterday, there they were- images and words by Trina Schart Hyman, Tomie dePaola, David Wiesner, Chris Van Allsburg, and so many more!  All of my favorites in one book, all telling their story of how they got their big breaks, or how they started off their careers working for Cricket.  I have barely begun to read it, and I'm already talking about it!  I started rambling on to my husband about how awesome this was, but all I got in response was a glazed stare.

He really isn't all that into this stuff.

But YOU are!  So check it out!  Go to the library and read all about it!  Have fun learning all about this little world I've barely bugn to know, because I sure am!

And do your Illustration Friday- the topic is: Perspective
(Huh, funny how that relates to today's blog entry....)

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