Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I'm a new subscriber to the Horn Book Magazine (it's all about book reviews, and it's GREAT!) and the cover art for this month's issue was not only SO CUTE, but it also looked very familiar:

Come to find out, this very pleasing design was done by Leslie Patricelli, the same talented artist who did this little fella:

I had almost purchased this book a few weeks ago, in addition to "I Love You, Daddy," but I had restrained myself! Shame on me, because now I have to go back and get it! Leslie's work is just adorable, and fun, and guess what my little nephew is now getting for his first birthday?

Yep, Leslie books!

Check out her site: www.lesliepatricelli.com, it also happens to have a similar look I'm trying to achieve with my own website... *teeth grinding* I will get there someday!!

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