Monday, April 9, 2012

Kid Art: My Birthday Cards

Hi There!

I always like to share art made by the little ones in my life. They work so hard on their little creations and they are so PROUD of what they've made. When it comes to that kind of pride in one's own work, we all could learn a lesson from them. Sometimes we forget that, though we are older and are supposed to be professionals, we are still learning every day. And every new piece of work should be held up with pride, because we created it with the newest knowledge that we have of the world. Because we gave it all we've got to make it. And because life is short, and there are enough people putting each other down, and we really shouldn't be the ones doing it to ourselves!

I often I find children's art inspiring, because of their line work, or their color choices, or how they manage to turn a scrappy piece of paper into something beautiful. And it also reminds me of how far I've come in my own life- that I started exactly where they are, and managed to get here, after all these years.

So, Thank You to my nieces, Vanessa and Ashley!

Vanessa wanted the PERFECT flower for my card,
so she painted it three times until she got it just right!

Ashley likes to use a lot of color!

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