Thursday, September 15, 2011

WOOO! I Got the Job!

Hi There!

Just spreading the news that my Potential Client and I have agreed on a price, and that I am currently drawing up a contract! This will be my first published work *EVER* so I'm super psyched about it!

For those of you who don't hang on to my every word, (hahaaa, which is all of you) here are some of the details:

-This project will be self-published, NOT vanity or print-on-demand, or published by a Big Publisher. It will be designed, independently printed, marketed and sold by the author and myself. We're going to work our bottoms off to make this book really shine!

-The book's age range is from 3rd Grade to 5th Grade (7-10), depending on the child's reading level, and will be a chapter book/graphic novel hybrid. Lots of words and new vocabulary, but lots of fun art mixed in! We're aiming to have the book fit on the shelf quite nicely next to Captain Underpants, Babymouse, and the Stilton series.

-It is about the water cycle, and has an environmental theme with fun characters. All of the information in the book complies with the teaching requirements for the subject, according to Fairfax County's public schools. The reason for this? The author is a teacher and also plans to use his book as a tool in his classroom. Our hopes are that other teachers will follow suit, and that the book will become a valuable and fun part of learning to many children!

-I'm estimating that the illustrations will be done by the end of February of 2012. Then we'll be working on finalizing the layout and prepping for the printer... and hopefully, by Spring, the book should be available for sale! (Let's cross our fingers on this! Wish upon a star!)

And we're both doing all this while working our day jobs, teaching, going to class, etc. So it will be an intense few months. In fact, you probably won't see me in person very often, (unless you stop by for a bite to eat at my work) but I'll be blogging about the process all the way!

To follow this and other projects I am working on, take a gander at my Project Schedule! To see what I'm up to in class this semester, go to Children's Book Illustration III.

As always, thanks for reading, and for all your support!
And Best of Luck to you!


  1. Thanks Heather! and you TOTALLY inspire me all the time... how many times have you posted new work that start itching to get into the studio??? Every time! I've been wanting to try They Draw and Cook/Travel for ages but haven't gotten around to it. Keep up the good work!!! :)