Monday, August 22, 2011

Why I Love to Draw and Paint

Got this in my Inbox this morning, from the SCBWI New England email list:
"Hello to all you illustrators,
The protagonist in the middle-grade novel I'm working on loves to draw. I'd love some input from you who draw and paint as to how creating a scene, person, animal makes you feel?
Thanks to any and all who can give me a glimpse into your passion for illustrating.
Joyce A. Stengelwww.joyceastengel. com"
             And here's my answer...

You know why I like art?

Because when I'm drawing or painting, I'm the boss of what I do. No one can tell me that I'm doing it wrong, because art is subjective, and a creative process. I can choose any color I want just because I love it, any topic I want just because I love it, and draw it in any way that I want just because I love the way it feels to draw. People can try to tell me otherwise, or wonder why I chose to do the things that I do, but they can't change the fact that I did it, and I LOVED doing it, and that I'm proud of it. And in the end, I always win them over anyway, because in the whole wide world of hobbies and talents and things to do, this is my circus and I'm the ringleader, (and we've got the funniest clowns).

So teachers can try to lead or admonish you, and parents can "tut tut" or ask "what is that supposed to be?" and your friends may scoff at you for drawing purple bunnies instead of toads, but you can bet those will be the best darn bunnies they've ever seen. Because when someone really truly loves what they're doing, it shows in their work.

In art, Love  is no longer just ethereal, it become visible on a page. 

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