Monday, February 21, 2011

Doodle Fun: Munroe Dairy Contest!

Hi there!

Munroe Dairy is doing a little contest for their 130th Anniversary. The theme? "If you could put a message on a bottle..." The winner will get their essay and/or art printed on all the milk bottles used for their delivery service! (or so I've inferred...) My aunt was kind enough to write the essay, and asked if I would be interested in doing some art to go along with it!
Let's hope we win, and YOU could see my art on your milk bottle every morning. :)


  1. that would be so fun to tell the girls Auntie Mel drew the picture on the bottles! It's really cute I hope you win.

  2. well Thanks, Natalie! I do too!

    Also, I've got sketches of the girls under "Drawing Children" (the link is at the top right of my blog), check them out! :D