Wednesday, April 21, 2010

From Start to Finish - Song of Spring, Part 2

It's Finished!!

Well, with the exception of the eye for the bird, (which I completely forgot), and I may or may not put a little shadow underneath the girl and wagon to ground them.  I've also been entertaining the thought of doing a dotted line/flight path for the butterfly, but I think I will wait until after the crit to decide on that one. Might fool around with it in Photoshop a bit first, too! Still would like to put in the words as well, but I've got to learn how to make a text path that curves in PS.

Here are a few photos of the transformation...


Whole piece, not yet digitally cropped.

...and if you missed the first half of the creation process, you can look here.

This project was a great experimentation process for me, because I learned that I get a little cranky when it comes to cutting things.  I have become to used to just BAM! laying it right down with paint or something, and there it is, all finished!  But with this process I had to trace my original image, then cut, then trace, then cut some more, then add a little paint here, and trace, and cut... you get the picture.  It's a bit more complicated doing it this way, but I am happy with the results.  I'm not saying I wouldn't ever do a collage like this again, I just am relieved that it's finished!

A bit of sweat and tears (and screaming while my husband laughs at my tantrums), and I can move on to the next project!  (I wouldn't say no to a job that required I use this method, though!)

Now I've just got to get crackin on that Mother Nature...

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